Down Home Dog Training, LLC

What is our training philosophy?

Down Home Dog Training, LLC uses a relationship-based approach to enhance and elevate the bond between dogs and their human companions. Our approach focuses on understanding why dogs exhibit specific behaviors and how strengthening the relationship and improving communication between human and dog can create a healthy, happy, and lifelong partnership. Our training methods help build confidence in dogs and trust in the human handler, which elevates the bond between dog and owner. We focus on what the dogs SHOULD do, vs. what they SHOULD NOT do. Our relationship-based training teaches dogs to focus on their handler, rather than on the varying distractions within their environment. We strive to create curriculums that help prepare dogs and their handlers for real-world scenarios and experiences.

What sets us apart?

As a member of multiple professional organizations, you can feel comfortable and confident choosing Down Home Dog Training, LLC for your dog training needs. We aren't your typical "run-of-the-mill" training company. We have spent years expanding our education, upgrading our services, and revamping our one-of-a-kind programs.

At Down Home Dog Training, LLC, you aren't just a "name in the book". Each and every dog is viewed individually. No two dogs are the same, and no two dogs will learn exactly the same way. That's why, we strive to provide exemplary customer service to help provide you with the recipes for success.

Providing affordable training for the Northwest Pennsylvania area isn't all that Down Home Dog Training, LLC is know for. We also donate hundreds of training packages each year to dogs in need. We feel that ALL dogs deserve the chance to receive a positive education.

What is the history?

Down Home Dog Training, LLC has been providing high quality dog training services professionally since early 2014. We are very experienced and come highly recommended and are respected within the animal professionals community. We understand the strain in having an excitable, disobedient or problematic dog as we've been there. That is one of the reasons we founded Down Home Dog Training, LLC. Over the years, we have grown from a small dream, to a big help to dog owners throughout Northwest Pennsylvania and beyond.

We are an ALL-BREED training company.

We accept dogs of all skill levels, breeds, genders, and temperaments into our programs.

Our trainer, Hannah Adams, has this to say about the business: "For me, it's not about the 'profession' of being a dog trainer. It's about the 'passion' that one must have to succeed in this line of work. When I first started the business, I was only training one or two dogs a MONTH, privately. I then started gaining more clientele and added in group classes. Now, at the start of 2023 we are running multiple group classes and private training sessions per day, in order to help out as many dogs and owners as possible. We also moved onto our Conneaut Lake location in 2022, so that we could begin offering a wide variety of services other than just dog training. I never could have imagined it would grow like it has. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love, while giving back to the community. I've worked in other animal-related professions previously, and one thing that struck me the most was how many owners had to give up their dog due to financial struggles and behavioral issues. Dog training can be so expensive. I said that when I started my own training business, I was going to 'break the norm' so to speak. Professional training does not need to break the bank. I strive to keep my prices low and affordable, in order to provide the FULL amount needed for each individual dog. This, hopefully, helps keep dogs out of shelters as well."

Hannah is very dedicated to providing exceptional services. Because of this, she is always bettering herself with continuing her own education and credentials. Hannah graduated from Penn Foster Career School with a certification diploma in Dog Obedience. She is an Approved American Kennel Club Evaluator for all levels of the Canine Good Citizen, and Trick Dog title programs. She is a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). She is a Professional Premium Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Hannah is a K9 Evaluator for Therapy Dogs United. Hannah was also named National Dog Trainer of the year in 2018 by GreatMats!

She is currently working toward her Bachelor's degree in Animal Health & Behavior (Unity College) as well as her Canine Specialist certification (Stratford Career Institute).

Hannah has previously worked for other boarding kennels, another dog daycare, two different veterinary hospitals, a pet store, and a county humane society (which she was the manager of until resigning to run the Resort full time).

She is currently working on numerous other certifications and credentials and looks forward to expanding her knowledge and offerings for her clients and the area of Northwest Pennsylvania and beyond, in the very near future!

REAL-World Training. REAL Results.

Down Home Dog Training, LLC offers UNIQUE dog training programs with curriculums that help prepare you and your dog for the REAL-WORLD. We strive to challenge our clients, in order to help set them up for success in a variety of environments. Afterall, just because Fido can behave at home or in a quiet training room, DOESN'T mean that he will be able to handle trips to the park, ballgames, downtown. etc. That's where WE step in.

We TRAIN in and FOR real-world scenarioes to help get RESULTS for the real-world.

What is Group Training?

A Group Class is a specific number of sessions, held on the same day/time each week. As an example, a class that starts on a Tuesday at 6pm would be held every Tuesday at 6pm for a set number of sessions (usually 6 or 8 sessions).

We offer a wide variety of class programs to choose from. From Puppy and Beginner classes, Sport and Therapy dog training, Behavioral and fitness classes, and more! 

Class sizes average 6-8 dogs in them, while some classes may have a slightly larger or smaller number of attendees (depending upon the program).

What is Private Training?

Private Training is one-on-one between our trainer and the client/dog. This is ideal for fine tuning commands or behaviors that are being taught in classes, for owners with complicated schedules that don't permit them to commit to a Group Class schedule, or for dogs that may need work on feeling comfortable around other dogs/people before entering into a Group class setting. 

Private Training rates vary, dependent upon what training is needed and severity of issues. A Consultation will be conducted prior to scheduling of the first session, in order to assess what program will be the best fit.

Should I enroll in Group or Private training?

More often than not, we recommend Group training in order to work with the dog on socialization, desensitization, generalization of commands, and focus with the distractions of other dogs and owners present.

If a dog presents with dog or human aggression issues that would create an unsafe training environment for a group, we will discuss with the owner about starting with Private training FIRST, and then moving to Group training once the dog is more comfortable.

Group Class can be very exciting/overwhelming/overstimulating for dogs at first. If your dog begins class by barking/howling/jumping/being hyper/being shy, that's ok! We will work through it WITH you. The only way to improve on these types of behaviors, is to work on them. We are here to help! :)

What Class Should You Choose?

Learn more about our various Upcoming programs!